How to Make Two lolita Hair bows by Hands

January 16, 2014

Many people like Japanese aesthetic decorations, especially girls who like lolita can’t miss the below I recommend this two bows, start to do hurry up.


This is two bows that are very lolita style DIY tutorial, sweet and youthful vitality,this is full of little girl and looks beautiful.They not only can be used to do hair accessories, brooches or tie. Lace bow is not difficult also, just like below we make up together to learn very lovely jewelry DIY, a total of two, similar style, the effect is different. Using match, let you have some small change every day.


First, you need to find a beautiful piece of cloth with lace, you can also find a teacher to sewing market with special cutting machine cut out.


The second step, and then make a bow in the middle of the cloth with, present a regular fold.


The third step, find two different length of ribbons decoration, posing as the shape of the bow and then can be fixed with needle and thread or glue.


The fourth step, make the bow ribbons and the cloth bow that we just made to flod as the photo shwon using a decoration ribbons.


The fifth step, mount the whole of the bow with buttons in its middle part, the first handmade hair bow is done.


The step of making the lace bow is similar to the first paragraph above, only add a layer of beautiful lace cloth.


In the same way, tie a white line in the middle of the lace cloth.


Finally, decorate with a strip of cloth, the hair bow finished is like this.


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