How to Make a Two Layers Hair Bow Clip of Ladystyle

March 14, 2014

In a new day again and meet you, today we still share how to make a bow, this work is very different today.
As you all know, a lady is very popular, because they are quiet, elegant, sweet and cute.So, today the hair bow is fair maiden style.To make for yourself or to his beloved girl is a very good idea.


First of all, we must be prepared to some materials.


Hot melt glue gun
Hot melt adhesive
Ribbon:2.5*8cm purple ribbon*1,3*12cm grid ribbon*1,3*10cm grid        ribbon*1, 1*4cm beige satin ribbon*1
Double-sided adhesive
The hair clip

The step 1,On both ends of the purple ribbon glued double-sided adhesive, then stick on both ends and round into a circle.


The step 2,Flatten freshly prepared circle ribbon, squeeze in the middle into a butterfly shape.


The step 3,Use a tape or elastic to fixed.


The step 4,The other two ribbons(3*12cm grid ribbon*1,3*10cm grid        ribbon*1 ) also made into a butterfly shape and fixed in the same way.



The step 5,Make the two bow be together.


The step 6,Put small bow above, using double-sided adhesive fixed.


The step 7,Sticking to the opposite of that section of the ribbon with double-sided adhesive.


The step 8, The small ribbon will be surrounded and fixed in the middle of the assembly.


Finally, glue the clip on the back of the hair bow with hot melt gun.


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