How To Make A Fabric Hair Bow Clip For Baby

February 11, 2014

Although the weather is very cold, but our the enthusiasm of loving the jewelry has not weakened.
Child is every mother’s love, is our baby to caress attentively, we all care about details about their life without a little .
Of course, the little girl will appreciate beauty, so we can give them as a mother should be from their childhood best hair accessories.A small butterfly, but bring us infinite joy.

This is the bows we are going to make .


Step 1,Start with an 1/8 yard scrap of fabric.


Step 2,Measure how long you want your bows to be and add an inch to compensate for the knot. I wanted big enough bows I could borrow them from time to time. These are about 5″ long.


Step 3,Cut your piece of fabric to match your desired length plus 1″. You should have a piece 1/8th yard wide by 6″ long.


Step 4,Fold and iron. Sew from one short edge to the middle, and from the middle to the other short edge, leaving about 1″ opening. If you are using a patterned fabric, make sure to sew with the two right sides together.


Step 5,Open your tube through the 1″ opening and iron seams. You can hand sew the 1″ opening before you tie the knot but I figured since it wasn’t exposed it would be ok. One less step, right?


Step 6,Tie your tube into a knot, working your knot around until you like it.


Step 7,Sew a hair clip to the bottom and voila.





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