DIY hair bow,love and share it

March 10, 2014

DIY hair bow is a very interesting thing,and you can take it for party or for your lovely daughter when sleepping.You can also have fun making bows.When I was a little girl,I dream that I can fly just like a butterfly,because I have a dream.Now,I see that it is impossible.But I can cresat bows for myself or my best friends,that is very satisfied.

We often ask ourselves, where does happies come from?I think that do our own thing is a kind of happiness,and to share your own happiness with friends is also a kind of,will you?


Needle and Thread
Hair clips or barrettes
Decorative piece (optional)
Glue Gun


Take the ribbon and fold it over, making a figure 8.  Do this process three times.  Use a push pin and push it through the center of the bow.  Cut off the excess when you are done making the hair bow.  Repeat this process to make another hair bow.

Using thread (make sure it’s knotted), start at the back of the bow and sew the two bows together.  Make sure the thread is tight.  Finish in the back of the bow.  Tie a knot in the back of the bow two or three times.  Make sure the knots are secure on the back of the bow.

Put a decoration in the middle to stylize the bow — use the glue gun to secure the decoration.

Put some glue on the barrette or clip.  Take the clip and place it on the back of the bow.  Push down to secure the barrette or clip.  Hold it until it cools.

After the glue has cooled, put the bow in your hair!  You’re now ready to show off your new bow!

Follow these steps on how to make hair bows, and you’ll have a hair accessory that you can proudly display.  You can make as many hair bows as you want.  Plus, you get bragging rights because you made them instead of buying them!

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